Some people photograph food; others focus on landscapes or weddings or scantily clad models frolicking on a beach. For the past 20 years, I've tried to capture the beauty and essence of heavy automotive vehicles - primarily trucks - in their working environments. This is a fascination of mine that began when I was a youngster, truckin' across America. I eventually left the trucking industry, returned to school and earned a degree in journalism. After graduation, I worked for a few newspapers but was soon drawn back to trucking when I became the technical and equipment editor at Overdrive Magazine, the nation's leading business publication for owner-operators and small fleets.

I founded AddMedia, a photographic service, in 2001 and have been fortunate to attract a number of great clients, ranging from manufacturers to publishers to marketing and public relations agencies. Although most of my work involves some type of heavy automotive machinery, I also photograph people, special events, buildings (inside and out) and tabletop items.