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The best tool for contacting me is a telephone: 507-645-2200. Of course, you can also zap me a note using the handy form on this page. Either approach is quick and effective, whether I’m working in some remote location or luxuriating at AddMedia “world headquarters” in Northfield, Minn. Northfield is a great place to live, but it’s not the epicenter of client assignments. Those are done elsewhere, in settings spread across North America, from Florida to British Columbia, Southern California to Northern Quebec. 

As a former trucker, I typically drive to and from assignments, often pulling a small trailer to carry the wide assortment of equipment that many jobs require. Driving takes a little more time, but it offers scheduling flexibility, the opportunity to capture stock images along my routes or pick up additional client projects in regions I'm passing through or visiting. Sometimes, of course, it's better to fly, and that's just fine with me, too.